Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shout with Delight

Since I'll be at SBL for my birthday, my wife gave me my presents early which consisted of a new dressing gown, a reading of Phil 2.5-11 from my daughter Alexis, a lovely card, and a copy of the CD Shout with Delight which features songs with lyrics written by Don Carson from Christway Media. Now I know that Carson is not everybody's cup of tea and not everyone likes his critique of the emergent church; but the songs are fresh, orchestrally rich, and theologically kosher! I love the CD and am grateful to my dear wife Naomi for getting it for me. Tragically, it arrived several weeks ago in the mail and as I was the one collecting the mail that day I already knew what I was getting.

Every year somehow I accidentally discover what I'm getting for my birthday. One year I went to go and buy a copy of Robert Gundry's commentary on Mark, but my wife wouldn't let me buy it and when I relentlessly pursued her as to why I could not buy it when it was heavily discounted she had to confess that she'd already bought it for me. On another ocassion she ordered a CD of the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical Whistle Down the Wind and the Music Store HMV phoned up to tell her that it had arrived, except that they got me instead and told me that it was in. So every year, somehow, my suprise birthday present is foiled. Better luck next year darling!

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J. B. Hood said...

Mike, those are great gifts. If you're going to have a gift ruined, it might as well be a good one. Nothing is worse than knowing in advance of a terrible gift...