Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ETS Day One

Like Joel I've arrived in D.C., however, my flight was significantly longer than his (Inverness - London - Raleigh/Durham - Washington). Opening day at ETS was good except that the book stalls did not open until 4.00 p.m. But I still had some good papers that I attended:

Paul Eddy - A Review of Dunn's Remembering Jesus

A.B. Caneday - The Eschatological World Already Subject to the Son - The Oikoumene of Hebrews 1.6 and the Son's Enthronement

Michael Pahl - Discerning the "Word": en logo Kuriou in 1 Thess 4.15

But the highlight was the paper by Lars Kierspel on "The Jews in the Gospel of John". This was well presented and well argued. It was a good example of evangelical scholarship at its best. Email him and ask him for a copy of it.

Another highlight of the day was meeting Brian Vickers, lecturer in NT at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His book Jesus' Blood and Righteousness is out and is only $5 at the Crossway stall. Vicker's is theologically solid but also irenic in the way argues and, what is more, he is capable of actually letting the text speak for itself. Read that book.

Always good to see Stan and Wendy Porter. And Stan was quite impressed that I'd been able to write a virtual-review of his Romans commentary before he'd even submitted the manuscript. It was more of a promo than a review, but I was under the impression from Sheffield-Phoenix people that his book would be out at SBL.

I had lunch with some blogging people (Michael Pahl and Alan Bandy - Caesar Salads all around).

Also, I have new shoes and my feet are absolutely killing me!

Due to a headache and sore feet, I didn't make the other sessions that night.

My Trinity and Gender paper is tomorrow and so I'm off to rehearse that. A scholar should rehearse all of his papers to enhance his presentation.

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Anonymous said...


Do you have Lars email address? I would like to get the paper.

My cell is 630-301-2648. I will be at ETS this morning. ASOR is not what I had hoped.