Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pistis Christou Bibliography

Update: The "Faith of Jesus Christ" Bibliography has been posted on Jim West's site Biblical Studies Resources. We will probably update it every now and then.

Myself and Preston Sprinkle have completed the mother-of-all-pistis-christou bibliographies. Does anyone know of a good site where we should post it? I'd prefer to post it on the net as a PDF rather than a html. Any ideas?


Jim said...

Hey Mike
If you like i'll post it on Biblical Studies Resources. Let me know if you so wish.

Matthew D. Montonini said...

Mike, What about the Paul page? Or is that only HTML accessible?

Danny Zacharias said... or

I would suggest but they seem to have ended there stint.

Or you could make it an SBL forum article (and link a PDF download to it)

Mark Goodacre said...

You'd be welcome to have it on the NT Gateway too, and I'd link to it in the relevant place. You see -- the offers are flooding in! All best, Mark

Jim said...

Come to think of it- you could put it up on all those! But it's on BSR now on the NT page.