Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blogs by my Students

Over the summer several of my students at HTC have started blogs, including:

The Word Alone by Daniel Patterson

Reformed Christian UK by Stephen Barton

Eldership Matters by Peter Wilson (who is getting ready to start posting)

In addition, David Kirk is blogging his way through Neil and Wright on the history of NT interpretation.


Dan said...

Micheal, Mick, Mikey, Bird boy, i have been a student of yours for coming on three years now and you still cant spell my name correctly. Let me help you its P.A.T.E.R.S.O.N. NO DOUBLT T.

I belive as punishment for this horrible crime there will be an assignment on your desk the start of term. Its 50000 words and i want it on my desk by Thursday COP.

Just joking, i actually had contact from T Michael W Halcomb because of this blog.


David Kirk said...

Dr Bird
You do your students a great service! Thanks.

ReformedChristian said...

Thanks for the mention! Saw the advert for your "yoof" talk at The Northern Convention. The Gospel according to Star Wars. I recall your Romans 5 "There is a new skywalker in town", I think they'll love it, as did John! I look forward to the time you do the Gospel according to Dr Who.