Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Meaning of "Faith" in Paul

John Dominic Cross and Jonathan T. Reed say this about "Faith":

"Faith does not mean intellectual consent to a proposition, but vital commitment to a program. Obviously, one could summarize a program in a proposition, but faith can never be reduced to factual assent rather than total dedication. Faith (pistis) is not just a partial mindset, but a toal lifestyle commitment. The crucial aspect of faith as commitment is that it is always an interactive process, a bilateral contract, a two-way street. Faith is covenantal and presumes faithfulness from both parties with, of course, all appropriate differences and distinctions."


Sean said...

And the reference for this quote is? In Search of Paul, pg. ???

Thanks Mike, you're a legend!

Sean said...

Crossan & Reed, In Search of Paul, pg. 385-6.