Sunday, August 19, 2007

CT Article: Rethinking Seminary Education

Christianity Today has a good article on Retooling Seminary: Northern Baptist's new strategy: to reach more students with less, which documents how both struggling and large seminaries are investing more time and effort into distance education and satellite campuses.

"Many successful seminaries have expanded beyond their home sites. Fuller Theological Seminary, Bethel Seminary, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary all offer extensive satellite and distance education programs. Yet some schools have resisted the trend, believing students are better served within the strong community of a central campus."

My own college, Highland Theological College, has been aware of this trend for years and is a specialist provider in distance theological education with students from Scotland to the Czech Republic to Kenya.


Reformed Renegade said...

Can you direct me to a link for online distance learning for some theology classes at HTC? I can't seem to find anything at the link you provided. I appreciate the help.

Michael F. Bird said...

Check out this link: Otherwise email me and I'll send you a prospectus.