Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Invitation for Ph.D cands.

I've noticed that a large number of biblioblog readers are Ph.D candidates (I know I was when I started reading biblioblogs). So if you're a Ph.D candidate and doing your thesis on NT studies or Christian Origins, feel free to email me and tell me in 500 words: where you're studying, why you're studying, and what you're studying. And then include a synopsis and outline of your thesis. I will then post it at Euangelion for all to see and behold.

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Andy Rowell said...

I couldn't find your email on the blog to email you so you might want to put that more visible if you want people to email you! :-)

I didn't look that hard though.

I'm doing an interdisciplinary Th.D. thing at Duke Divinity School. "Scripture and Leading Christian Communities." I'm just starting this fall - teaching myself German this summer. Love the blog. I read sometimes . . . often when I'm procrastinating.

I know you have kept a bibliography on the New Perspective, etc (H/T Mark Goodacre).

I was curious to hear your take on the new article in Christianity Today regarding the NP.

Scot McKnight is blogging about it today. I complained about the article to him that it was overly critical but he said it was good enough and that only you would have done better! :-)

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