Friday, January 04, 2008

A Forthcoming Paul Book

Above is the front cover for my forthcoming new book entitled: A Bird's-Eye View of Paul: The Man, his mission, and his message published by the excellent people at IVP. It should be available in a couple of months.

Michael Gorman has written a nice commendation:

"Michael Bird offers an insightful, readable, and serious (yet occasionally witty) introduction to Paul in conversation with the best scholarship on the apostle. It will be especially useful for those who think they know Paul well but have the courage to take a fresh look and have their assumptions challenged. Particularly important are Bird's discussions of justification and of the gospel itself. Let those who have ears to hear listen to what the Spirit--via Paul and Bird--is saying to the people of God in a world that seems increasingly similar to Paul's".
Here is a TOC as requested.
1. What is Paul?
2. A Funny Thing Happened on the Road to Damascus
3. The Stories behind the Story
4. Reading Somebody Else’s Mail
5. The Royal Announcement
6. The Crux of the Gospel
7. The Return of the King
8. One God, One Lord: Monotheism and the Messiah
9. Living a Life Worthy of the Gospel: The Ethics of Paul
10. Gospelizing 101: Paul’s Spirituality
11. Epilogue


Luke Britt said...

Any idea when it will be published in the USA?

A. B. Caneday said...

Your book looks like one that I could use in teaching Romans & Galatians.

Michael, would you take a look at my appeal
on Biblia Theologica? Am I correct or not? I want my reasoning to be correct for the book.

Dave K said...

I'm looking forward to it.

Any chance of sneak preview of the table of contents?

Also what sort of page count would it be?

Anonymous said...

Well done Mike; the cover of the book looks very smart.

hrobins said...

That looks great, Mike! Good work.
This is unrelated to the post, but thanks to whichever one of you changed my blog on your blog roll. =)

Matthew D. Montonini said...


Good job! Can't wait to have a read!

jordan said...

Quick question: is it suppose to be "bird's" or birds"? The title you quote and the front cover don't seem to agree.

Sounds like this will be a great book.

Eddie said...

Well done on incorporating your name into the Title!

love your work

Tony Siew said...

Congratulations Mike on your forthcoming book. Looking forward to reading it. Are you reachable by email? Thanks.

Nijay K. Gupta said...

I still would have preferred the name BIRD DROPPINGS ON PAUL...

Anonymous said...


Gerald said...

Congratulations, Michael. I look forward to reading it.