Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wanted: Logo for Euangelion

To all those readers of Euangelion who have some competency in web design, I am hoping some clever little sausage might be willing to design a logo for the top of the blog that adequately reflects what Euangelion is about: New Testament Studies, Christian Origins, Theological Intepretation of Scripture, and Following Jesus. I look at Ben Myers' blog and Chris Tillings' with their snazzy headers and feel like this one is rather lacking in the visual eye candy department. Given that I have the artistic skills of a sedated sloth who works as an accountant in Bristol, would anyone like to design one? I'm thinking of something with purple, blue, and gold, no funny stuff like Tom Wright with a pitchfork, but something ancient-futurie. Any takers, please email me.


Zephyr said...

Before you decide on any options that you receive, I thought I'd let you know that I've passed on your request to my brother who is really great at this sort of thing.

Jeremy said...

Well... I guess Michael H. beat me to it. Here is the image I had for you. You can download/view it here:

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