Friday, January 11, 2008

Reading Calvin

It is has been way too long since I last read through Institutes of the Christian Religion. Calvin combines theological observation with a passion for God's glory that is hard to match. It was refreshing for my soul to read this quote from the nerdy little frenchman this evening:
"Since then he arms and equips us by his power, adorns us with splendour and magnificence, enriches us with wealth, we here find most abundant cause of glorying, and also are inspired with boldness, so that we can contend interpidly with the devil, sin, and death. In fine, clothed with his righteousness, we can bravely surmount all the insults of the world: and as he replenishes us liberally with his gifts, so we can in our turn bring forth fruit unto his glory."
ICR II.15.iv.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard Calvin called that...

ct said...

Hardly a nerd. Hardly little.