Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Rare Foray into American Politics

I don't mention politics much on this blog and especially politics and religion. In my home country of Australia the two rarely go together which makes the current Prime Ministery of Australia, Kevin Rudd, something of an oddity since he's probably the first PM in living memory who is so open about his faith. In America things tend to be different. Democrats are now actively courting faith-based voters, especially evangelicals, in the long haul to the White House. Republicans on other hand have always been close with evangelicals (too close for my liking at times). Although I suspect that they may well lose that support if the GOP picks a pro-abortion candidate like Giuliani. If Giuliani wins the GOP ticket, many evangelicals will probably start thinking about whether Hillary or Barrack is the lesser of two evils. But if there is one thing that probably sums up Hillary Clinton's relationship with evangelicals, it is this cartoon:

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