Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Start of a New Semester

I love the beginning of a new semester and I suppose this is because I love teaching so much. There are few things more exciting for me than a room full of undergrads who have expectations about learning. Of course there are varying degrees of interest among students in my classes. Some are majoring in Biblical Studies others are taking the course because they're required to do so to graduate. Nonetheless the opportunity each semester a teacher has to challenge conventional ideas, present new ideas and engender passion for the Bible and for learning is not only a privilege, but a thrill.
Each new semester reminds me why I love what I do. I was reflecting with Karla recently about my career and I told her that I wouldn't change a thing about my life if I were to inherit millions of dollars (by the way, that will never happen!). While I would certainly change some things like where we live (our two-bedroom condo has already been outgrown), I can't imaging doing anything else -- OK besides playing the outfield at Yankee Stadium in pinstripes. I am doing exactly what I want to do with my life. I am living my vocational dream and I am thankful to God that he has given me the opportunity to be about what I love.
I know some students of mine and some folks early in their preparation for careers read the blog and I want to encourage you especially to follow the dreams you have. Live your life pursuing your passions and the dreams so long as you have in mind the values of the Gospel and an eternal perspective.
This idea is reflective of one of Jonathan Edward's Resolutions. Many years ago I came across these Resolutions which are essentially commitments he had made early in his life and which he rehearsed daily. Here is a particular one that I have found useful in this regard:
Resolved, to live my life, at all times, as I think best in my most devout frames, and when I have the clearest notions of the things of the gospel and eternity.
This is a solid life perspective to follow.


Geoff Hudson said...

No, so long as you have in mind the truth.

hrobins said...

Thanks for this, Joel. We can tell that you love what you do, and it makes an incredible difference! I'm happy that you've found your vocation!

::aaron g:: said...

Thanks Joel. This is encouraging (except for the awful Yankees bit).