Friday, February 13, 2009

Engaging with Barth

Whether you like Barth or not, if you are interested in theology, then you have to do business with him. One book that engages with Barth from an evangelical point of view is, of course, Engaging with Barth. This book has its own webpage which describes the volume and the contributors. Do check it out.

Barthians often get written off as neo-liberals by some Evangelicals while some Barthians write off Evangelicals as fundamentalists who can smile. I tend to think of Barthians and Evangelicals as rival siblings striving to be the heirs of the Reformers in the post-enlightenment era. Both camps are striving to move towards an orthodox centre from the extremes of liberalism and fundamentalism.

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Mark Stevens said...

As I remarked to someone recently; it is possible to read your Bible and Barth although, at times, there will be an uneasy tension ;~)