Thursday, February 19, 2009

Michael Bird meets Rowan Williams

Apparently Michael Bird visited the Archbishop of Canterbury to explain why he had consented to bless same sex unions. I actually wrote to the good bish' of Niagra and asked if he'd be interested in a debate on the subject, "Are same sex blessings good for the Anglican communion?" I was after an honest and sincere debate with my name sake (imagine a theological debate that runs Michael Bird vs. Michael Bird). Sadly, no reply was forthcoming. A well-known Anglican journalist of great virtue told me not to waste my time with him. Perhaps he was right.


ros said...

You can see why people would get the two of you confused: 'Michael Bird, the short one...'

David said...

Eeek, there are two of you; I had no idea.

The other Michael Bird is shorter, though, surely?