Friday, June 26, 2009

OCA Metropolitan Bishop at ACNA

According to Virtueonline, Metropolitan Jonah, Head of the Orthodox Church of America, called for full intercommunion with the Anglican Church in North America. He stated his desire to resume Orthodox/Anglican dialogue with ACNA rather than with TEC (which is a big slap in the face for TEC any way ya look at it). Of course, before anyone gets too excited about Anglicans and Orthodox shacking up together in an ecumenical big tent, Jonah said the basis of intercommunion would have to be: Full affirmation of the orthodox Faith of the Apostles and Church Fathers, the seven Ecumenical Councils, the Nicene Creed in its original form (without the filioque clause inserted at the Council of Toledo, 589 A.D.), all seven Sacraments and a rejection of the heresies of the Reformation. To that he added several "isms" that would have to go including: Calvinism, anti-sacramentalism, iconoclasm, and Gnosticism. Also, the ordination of women to the Presbyterate and their consecration as Bishops would have to end if full intercommunion was to occur. Good to see Orthodox and Anglicans talking together again, but don't hold ya breath waiting for intercommunion!

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