Monday, June 08, 2009

Translation of 1 Esdras

Whew! I've just finished my translation of 1 Esdras for the Common English Bible. I think the last two verses are quite memorable:

"Then they all went their way, to eat and drink and to rejoice, and to give portions to those who had none, and to make much merriment; because they were enthused by the words which they had been taught. And they came together" (9.54-55).

I wish every Sunday worship service was like that!


Michael said...

Congratulations on finishing up, Mike!

ros said...

Wouldn't you say 'they all went on their way'? It sounds better English to me.

Mick Porter said...

I'm with you on those last two verses - wow!

Perng Shyang said...

Me too, agree with those 2 verses! Anyway, you can find such scene in some Chinese speaking churches.