Friday, June 19, 2009

Solum Evangelium - Interview with Gerald Bray

At Solum Evangelium (my on-line audio programme) I have an interview with Gerald Bray about his two new IVP books: (1) Ancient Christian Doctrine: We Believe in One God from a series on the Nicene Creed, and (2) Ancient Christian Texts: Commentaries on Romans and 1-2 Corinthians by Ambrosiaster from a series translating major patristic commentaries. It is wonderful stuff on why we need to know and learn the Nicene Creed and why we should be interested in reading ancient Christian commentaries on Scripture. To listen to the interview click on SE 2 - Bray, it goes for about 20 minutes. So crack open a bottle of Pinot Noir and some nice German salami and listen to some erudite theology.

Update: If you're having problems, try this link.


Brandon Wason said...

Either that was the absolute worst podcast OR the file was truncated. I'm thinking it is the latter since it was only about 10 seconds long.

jeff miller said...

SE 2-Bray link only played the short intro. Am I doing something wrong?

Michael F. Bird said...

Brandon and Jeff,
I don't know. It works fine when I click on it. Maybe the issue PEBKAU (Problem Exists Between Keyboard and User).

danny said...

I've really enjoyed both of these broadcasts you've done, keep them up. As for this one, it was really helpful to me, as I introduce some of the creeds and ancient writers in my teaching at church. A number of the people I teach know some of the ancient creeds from their churches growing up, but associate them with lifeless liturgy. Many are now realizing just how good they really are. Thanks for doing this (I actually wish it could have been longer!).

Marty Foord said...

Hey Mike,

This boradcast with Gerald was excellent! I really appreciated it. Keep up the great work brother.



Chris Davis said...

I too had trouble listening to it in my browser, but it downloaded as an MP3 to my desktop just fine.

Thanks for posting this! Dr. Bray is one of my favourite professors to listen to. My wife had him at Beeson and was astonished at his mental capacity and deep humility.

Though I must say that, when I was an undergraduate at Samford (the university loosely connected to Beeson), we wondered who that eccentric man with the odd clothing was in the cafeteria, only to find out he is was one of the greatest minds in reformed Anglicism!

Charlie J. Ray said...

Click on the alternative link and when the page loads click on the + sign beside the spot which says mp3 audio. You should be able to hear the entire interview there.