Sunday, October 18, 2009

Academic Editing

A good friend of mine, Anya McKee, has as an editing company called which specializes in proof reading, editing, and also indexing academic works. It's a very good service, well-priced, and ideal for getting someone to double check your Ph.D thesis prior to submission (esp. for persons whose first language is not English!). Also since she is in Australia in means Americans and Brits get a good exchange rate on the price! I intend to make use of this for essays that I write since I am the worst proof reader of my own work (as anyone who has read my SROG will know!).


Edward Pothier said...

Since she is in Australia, can she edit and proofread in British English and American English, or only in Australian (English?)?

Mike W said...

Since she is in Australia, Americans and English used to get a good exhange rate.

Have you seen it recently?

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