Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Horton Reviews N.T. Wright on "Justification"

Thanks to Trevin Wax, here is a list of Michael Horton's series of reviews on N.T. Wright's book on Justification.

Horton makes some good points here, several criticisms I would qualify or contest, but an even handed review overall. Horton and I will be engaging each other in a forthcoming IVP volume on four views of justification in the future where I'm down to advocate something called the "progressive reformed view" (sadly the word "progressive" carries all sorts of freighted connotations that I'll have to carefully qualify).


Geoff Arnold said...

Of the four views of justification to be represented, will there be anyone writing/advocating the "New Finnish Interpretation of Luther"? I think it'd be interesting to see other more traditional and N.P.P. views on justification to respond to the writings of these Finnish interpreters.

Nicholas P. Mitchell said...

My guess is that there will be no one representing the New Finnish Interpretation of Luther; neither, I predict, will there be anyone representing the New Torontonian Interpretation of Zwingli.