Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anglican News

The program Compass has a doco on the Sydney Anglicans and in the interview Peter Jensen shows why he is one of the premier Christian statesman in his answer to some very freighted questions that were designed to catch him out. In other news, the British Telegraph reports that Rome may soon be announcing a provision for Anglicans who want to convert to Catholicism while retaining an Anglican liturgy. This will include mostly dissident Anglo-Catholics drawn from the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAG). Incidentally, TAG is headed by a former Australian Army Chaplain.


Watcher said...

I know that the clips on the program were edited, but I was not really impressed with the lack of depth in the 'teaching' and community involvement shown. Lots of very light weight, almost theologically superficial and certainly, to my mind, culturally disconnected 'teaching' and activity. This concerned me: is it an Anglican 'thinning' of teaching and practice to the really simple, easy and uninvolving. Yet I have heard many sermons by Peter Jensen that are not like this. Although, they did tend to be remote from the everyday and almost too theolocial, to my mind.

Mick Porter said...

Interested to hear what you thought of Part 2 of that? Tom Wright certainly made his view clear!