Friday, October 02, 2009

Bible Works 8 - Part 3

Readers of Euangelion may have noted the Bible Software divisons between Joel and myself. With both of us changing slogans "I am of Bible Works", "I amof Accordance", and probably others somewhere in the blogosophere chanting "I am of Logos".

In my final Bible Works 8 post I'll mention some of the benefits of the programme. (1) Value. BW8 (depending on exchange rate) costs around £180 (= $350 USD) and with all the goodies you get it is more than worth it. (2) Easy to Use and Flexible. Even a non-technical boffin like me can find my way around it, adjust settings, and find stuff that I need to find very quickly and simply. (3) Comprehensive. It contains all the stuff that I need when I do exegesis, sermon prep, and biblical research. Having the Greek NT, Hebrew Bible, Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha, several Lexicons, Bible dictionaries, Vulgate, Targums, Church Fathers, Josephus, Philo, dozens of Bible versions just makes things so much darn easier. (4) Time Saver. This is close to the best reason for getting BW8. It saves me looking up stuff in the libary or searching the web. (5) Searchable. You can't search William Whiston's translation of Josephus or the LCL diglot in paper back, but you can search them with electronic access in BW8. You want to know what Philo thinks of pistis then you are two clicks from finding out. Searching Justin Martyr on "Scripture" is the same. (6) Help. I've emailed the guys at BW a number of times and they've always gotten back to me within 48 hrs with help/advice that was understandable (i.e., non-technical) and friendly. A great product, worth considering for anyone who is seriously into biblical studies.

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