Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Around the blogs

Things around the blogs to note:

1. The other letter of Paul to the Corinthians:

HT: Rachel Marszalek

2. Listen (with nice pictures) to a performance of the earliest extant copy of a Christan hymn with musical annotations sung from a papyri fragment discovered in Oxyrhynchus (P. Oxy. XV 1786). Totally cool! Although the Odes of Solomon is probably the earliest Christian hymn book (see Michael Lattke's recently published magisterial commentary on the Odes in the Hermeneia series), the P.Oxy fragment is the oldest extant piece of Christian hymnody dating from the third century.

HT: Mark Goodacre

3. My good buddy Jim Hamilton advocates the case for a pre-millennial eschatology against Sam Storms (amillennial) and Doug Wilson (post-millennial) in a forum hosted by John Piper at Bethlehem Baptist Church in the USA. Well-worth listening to.


Michael F. Bird said...

I should note that as a member of a Free Church congregation that I am absolutely mortified at the discovery that the first Christians sang hymns with music rather than unaccompanied metrical Psalms from the Scottish Psalter. Evidently, some regions have tragically not yet received the divine revelation of Hebridean religious culture that is authoritative and normative for all Christians in all times and places! (To those who can't read sarcasm, this is my tongue-in-cheek critique of my own Free Church denomination).

Edward Pothier said...

[I left the following comment on Rachel's blog.]

You've found "Zeroth Corinthians".!

In what we presently call the *First* Letter to the Corinthians there is apparently a reference to an earlier letter of Paul to them: "[1 Cor 5:9] I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people." For those of us not scared of a number before "one", this letter could be called "Zeroth Corinthians". Was this letter inspired? Was it lost? [Some scholars hypothesize that parts of it may be contained in what we call Second Corinthians, which shows some signs of being a composite letter.]

Edward Pothier

Dave Parker said...

Thanks for the Evening of Eschatology link. Its nice to see the three-way discussion instead of the one-sided views that are (naturally) more available out there.

Go Postmillennialism! :-)
Dave Parker

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