Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Greetings

Blessings to you all for Christmas. I survived a night in Luton airport with my family stranded by the snow, and we'll be spending most of Christmas on an plane en route to Brisbane, Australia. But among your Christmas prayers please remember:

Christians in the UK as diversity/equity laws begin to work against them (I'm leaving at just the right time so it seems).

Orthodox Christians in Turkey who are still banned from setting up a seminary there (and folks really want Turkey in the EU!).


Anonymous said...


andrewbourne said...

I am sorry what laws? As a British Christian surely you should be welcoming laws that bring equality to all. Some homophobic Christians in this country may object to the laws but you should be more worried about laws that bring euthanasia to be legalised than sensible Christian laws

Nick Mackison said...

God bless Michael. Have a safe trip and a cracking Christmas.