Friday, December 04, 2009

Goswell on Early Readers of the Gospels

Greg Goswell has an interesting article in JGRChJ 6 (2009) on, "Early Readers of the Gospels: The Kephalalia and Titloi of Codex Alexandrinus". It's good to see Greg (an OT guy) writing on NT mss! This affirms my suspicion that all OT folk are closet NT wannabees!! Anyways, Goswell's article shows the significance of chapter divisions (Kephalalia) in codex Alexandrinus and how they provide an indication of scribal evaluations about the shape of individual pericopes and provide a commentary on the perceived literary structures of the text.

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John Lyons said...

Your comment "that all OT folk are closet NT wannabees!!" confirms my suspicion that all NT folk believe "that all OT folk are closet NT wannabees!!"

Of course, I could be over-stating the case, or even merely joking! :)