Friday, December 25, 2009

Mike Bird at RBL

Over at RBL I have the rare pleasure of being both a reviewer and among the reviewed!

Carl P. Cosaert
The Text of the Gospels in Clement of Alexandria
Reviewed by Michael Bird

Michael F. Bird and James G. Crossley
How Did Christianity Begin? A Believer and Non-believer Examine the Evidence
Reviewed by Leif Vaage

Strangely enough, Leif Vaage doesn't think that there is an awful lot of difference between Crossley and I. I wonder what James would say to that (flattered or insulted?).

There are some other particularly reviews to note as well such as:

James F. McGrath
The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context
Reviewed by Lori Baron

David G. Firth and Jamie A. Grant, eds.
Words and the Word: Explorations in Biblical Interpretation and Literary Theory
Reviewed by Jacobus Kok

Have a happy boxing day, I'm hoping to watch a bit of the West Indies vs. Australia in the cricket!


Gary Ware said...

Fans of Pakistan will be feeling slighted.
Welcome home.

steph said...

Typical Vaage. He missed the point.