Monday, December 07, 2009

Things to Click

Things to click include:

According to the University of Chicago, Archaic Mark is a fake, it is probably based on Philipp Buttmann's 1860 edition of the Greek NT, and thus Stephen Carlson is right!

Scot McKnight posts this cool clip on a Liturgical Sense of Salvation. I like the "saved, being saved, will be saved" approach, but the "cooperating with grace" bit does make the Calvinist in me grind my teeth.

Nijay Gupta posts on Martin Hengel's pothumously published English translation of his book on Saint Peter by Eerdmans.

The Episcopal Diocese of L.A. has elected a partnered Lesbian as a suffragan Bishop (Ruth Gledhill).

Theare are two video clips of N.T. Wright interviewed at the Centre for Theological Inquiry talking about CTI as a research environment and his forthcoming Paul book.

Stephen Holmes talks about Evangelical Theology and this line caught my eyes: "Scotland still knows extremely orthodox Presbyterians who however have no evangelical spirit at all" - which is sad, but very true!

Nick Mackison wonders why reformed theologians with their big emphasis on the imputed active obedience of Christ have not taken to the subjective reading of pistis christou.

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