Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Engaging with Barth

There is a new book out called: Engaging with Barth edited by Dave Gibson and Daniel Strange (IVP). It has some good contributors including Mark Thompson (Moore Theological College) and Andrew McGowan (Highland Theological College) and others. Prima facie it is a bit disappointing that no evangelical Barth scholars like John Webster or Bruce McCormack were invited to contribute a paper. But the current crop of contributors will certainly give Barth a good go over and I anticipate a wide range of receptions to Barth. Otherwise, the volume looks good and I really wish Evangelicals would take Barth more seriously rather than roll their eyes at him as just another branch of liberalism. Bruce McCormack once said at a conference in Edinburgh: (1) Barth was not an Evangelical; (2) On all of the major issues of historic orthodoxy Barth is on the side of the angels; and (3) Barth can give Evangelicals some good theological resources with which to under take the theological task and to help them engage with neo-liberal theologies too.


Stephen said...

Hi Mike,

Hope you had a good b'day. I thought you didn't like Barth, what changed your mind?
God Bless

The Pook said...

I'm not sure even Barth understands Barth.