Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Blogs 18

My good friend Matt Montonini has a new blog called New Testament Perspectives which will be a good read.
Also, for me, other highlights at SBL were:

1. Denny Burke in his ETS presentation being the first individual in history to point out that I am not a heretic when it comes to justification (I owe Denny a beer!). He also gave a good paper on Rom. 4.25 and pointed out that I don't know the difference between a noun and a verb.
2. Jason Hood gave an excellent paper on evangelicals and the atonement which I hope he publishes some time soon.
3. I saw Stan Porter buy a copy of the Scofield reference Bible. After the initial "what the ..." Stan explained that it is an important book in terms of the history of interpretation.
4. I saw Todd Penner of Austin College wearing socks and sandals (he evidently got the idea from N.T. Wright last year).
5. Talking to Matt Montonini's wife Faith on the phone.


Matthew D. Montonini said...


Thanks for that. My wife thought it was cool talking to you.



David Reimer said...

Re: #1 "I owe Denny..." Well, you better get that registered officially over here, then! :)

David Reimer

Unknown said...

Now wait a sec--sandals I was wearing--yes. But I never wear socks with sandals! And I've never stolen an idea from Wright either. And now I see Jim West has this rubbish posted on his website (but now contextualized within a larger explication of "Wrightian" dogma). Ah, this must have been how the gospel tradition got started... a bloke crashes a wedding to obtain a free glass of wine...and next, people are talking about how he's turning water into wine...and dying on crosses. What will they think of next?

Anonymous said...

verbs have different morphology, just in case you were wondering.