Sunday, November 11, 2007

My ETS-SBL Curse

Once more I go to ETS-SBL in fear and trepidation because:
1. My footwear always malfunctions by either disintegrating or shrinking (last year in DC was agony walking around).
2. Cab drivers always ask me about my accent and want to know if I'm from Milwaukee on the grounds that I look "square and goofy" (true story).
3. Someone always accuses me of heresy.
4. Someone always hands me a pamphlet on why I should home school my kids.
6. I always say "Hi" to N.T. Wright and he never remembers who I am.
7. I always say "Hi" to D.A. Carson and he has a vague recollection of who I am.
8. Some waitress gives me the "look" when I ask her for a half de cafe mochacino with extra sprinkles and a short of caramel.
9. I often end up at the wrong hotel or the wrong convention centre when I arrive in location.
10. I always forget to rock up to some dinner, lunch, or breakfast I was supposed to go to, and incur the disfavour of some friend.
Coming highlights of ETS-SBL
1. Seminar panel reviews of R. Bauckham's book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses at both ETS and SBL.
2. Seeing Ben Myers who, no doubt, will be shadowed by his adoring American fans who will sit around him and listen to his every word.
3. The Faith of Jesus Christ Seminar including the main event: Barry Matlock and Doug Campbell going toe-to-toe, mano-e-mano, no holds barred good old hoot nanny of show down. There will be blood (and possibly wool) on the floor when that one is done. It will be an event to tell your children and your children's children that you were there in Diego for that battle royale.
4. No doubt on Sunday, someone will come up to me and offer to buy me a New York Steak for lunch and a couple of Eerdmans titles because it is my birthday.


Anonymous said...

at least you're going. I wish I was...

John Lyons said...


You are as heretic!

Just thought I'd get you off to a good start :)

Have a great trip (and isn't San Diego warm enough for sandals or the like anyway).


hrobins said...

I will be expecting a blow-by-blow account of this Matlock-Campbell 'battle.' Enjoy the conference!