Friday, November 02, 2007

Michael Gorman's New Book

A book worth putting on your list at ETS/SBL is:

Reading Paul
by Michael J. Gorman

“This splendid introduction to the Apostle Paul is the best book of its kind. . . . [It is] thoroughly clear and readable. . . . I will assign this as required reading for students in my introductory New Testament course and put it in the hands of as many pastors and laypeople as possible.”
—Richard B. Hays, The Divinity School, Duke University

“As someone who has gotten to know Paul by deeply immersing himself in Paul’s writings for many years, Michael can be the mutual friend who orients you and helps you relax in the presence of a truly awe-inspiring person.”
—Brian McLaren, author of A Generous Orthodoxy

Gorman's other book Apostle of the Crucified Lord is excellent and I've used it in study and in class several times. Gorman is a great author, if only he could be persuaded to write a short commentary on Galatians!!!


David Cartledge said...

I am keen to order this book but the publishers website won't allow me to create an account. Can you tell me where I might order the book from the United Kingdom?

Michael J. Gorman said...

It will be available from Paternoster in March, and probably from Amazon before that.