Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Latest Tyndale Bulletin

Tyndale Bulletin 58.2 (2007) is out and includes:

Gerald A. Klingbeil and Martin G. Klingbeil
The Prophetic Voice of Amos as a Paradigm for Christians in the Public Square

Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer
The Compassionate God of Traditional Jewish and Christian Exegesis

William Varner
A Discourse Analysis of Matthew's Nativity Narrative

Peter Ensor
The Glorification of the Son of Man: An Analysis of John 13:31-32

James M. Hamilton
The Seed of the Woman and the Blessing of Abraham

David H. Wenkel
The 'Breastplate of Righteousness' in Ephesians 6:14: Imputation or Virtue?

Harold G. Cunningham
God's Law, 'General Equity' and the Westminster Confession of Faith

Stephen E. Witmer
Taught by God: Divine Instruction in Early Christianity

Lee S. Bond
Renewing the Mind: The Role of Cognition Language in Pauline Theology and Ethics


C said...

I am not objecting to the article about Amos in JETS, I simply find it astounding that JETS publishes this article on Amos as a paradigm for Christians in the public square. What a change from just years ago!

First it implies that Christians involved in social ministry are no longer charged without trial as guilty of that once cardinal sin of "polishing the brass on a sinking ship" and

Second, evangelicals evidently can no longer be publicly excoriated for not holding to strict dispensationalism!

And in only one generation too!

Will wonders never cease! It's so nice to be postmillenial!

minternational said...

Mike, I've no way of accessing the TB - could you just summarise what is said re. the breastplate of righteousness? I've taught for years now (even though I'm still soooo young) that it is clearly virtue and not imputation. Which does he settle on?