Monday, May 18, 2009

Billings on Calvin and Participation

I'm currently reading through J. Todd Billings on Calvin, Participation, and the Gift and I enjoyed this quote about participation and imputation in Calvin:

"As Calvin later states it, imputation and regeneration constitute a double grace (duplex gratia) and are inseparable. On the one hand, in contrasting his view with thinkers who make human merit a ground for justification, Calvin can say that 'in us there is nothing'. But this is after saying - through a participation in Christ - believers have wisdom, purity, power, life and all that Christ has. the moment of reception is inseparable from the moment of empowerment by which believers are enabled to 'grow into a holy temple'. The wondrous exchange in imputation draws believers into a transforming union with Christ, even as transformation of believers does not provide the ground of this union."

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