Saturday, May 02, 2009

Red Head Messiah

My friend Michael Whitenton reminded me of this DSS text:

“Red will be his hair, and moles will be on […] and tiny marks on his thighs, and they will be different from each other … [Al]l their designs against him will fail, and the joy of all living things will be great […] his purposes, because he is the Chosen One of God.” (4Q534 f1i.1-3; 9-10a).

This verifies what I've been telling my students for years, the ultimate messiah is a red-head with an Australian accent.


Michael said...

Is it any Aussie accent or a Texan one? : )

I thought you might enjoy that!

John Anderson said...

Am I missing the part about an Aussie accent in the text? Or is that the part about marks on the thighs? Is there some distinguishing Aussie trait to which I am oblivious?

Rod said...

So, the Messiah is supposed to be a Daywalker?

(south park cartoon reference).

Ros said...

The blockquote text is virtually impossible to read. Something about a redhead betraying the messiah?

Ben Byerly said...

I'm liking the sounds of that.

andrea said...

Have you been drinking full strenght coke cola again!