Monday, May 04, 2009

Phil Ryken responds to Carl Trueman about COE Evangelicals

Over at Reformation21, Phil Ryken (Senior Pastor of 10th Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, member of the Gospel Coalition Board, and member of WTS-Philadelphia board of governors) has a very wise and godly response to issues facing evangelicals in the Church of Scotland over sexuality, which stands in deliberate contrast to Carl Trueman's ungracious and unfortunate remarks against evangelicals in the Church of Scotland. The post begins:

I too have joined the list of Carl Trueman's colleagues who have signed the "Statement to Commissioners at the forthcoming General Assembly of the Church of Scotland." Further, I believe that Dr. Trueman's response in "It must be spring. . . . ." is ill-timed and unhelpful.

Well done to Pastor Phil and do read the whole post!


David Reimer said...

Didn't take long to get a Trueman reply, nor is it without its own share of wisdom, I think.

David Shedden said...

I think I agree with David above. I signed up to the statement. But Trueman has too much experience in Scotland to simply be written off as an ungracious schismatic and free Presbyterian. Whatever way the GA decides on the appeal there are huge issues ahead for those of us who have aligned ourselves with the Fellowship of Confessing Churches.