Friday, May 29, 2009

A Hole in the Gospel

Over at Jesus Creed my friend and colleague Scot McKnight endorses Richard Stearn's (President of World Vision) new book The Hole in Our Gospel: What does God expect of Us? The Answer that Changed my Life and Might Just Change the World with this glowing endorsement:
This book belongs in every church library; every pastor needs to read it; and every adult Sunday school class in our country needs to read it and face the facts -- and think of how best to respond. That's my endorsement of this book.
Scot goes on to say the central questions the book addresses are:
Does the biblical gospel include justice for the world? Or is justice for the world secondary to the gospel? These are the questions we need to discuss. Where do we define the gospel? From Luke 4:18-19 (gospel of kingdom) or from the message of personal salvation in Romans?
I picked it up today!


The Mr. said...

What a great concept. I always feel like too many separate the transformed life a a Christian into some secondary, optional matter.

Jeremy said...

I'm almost finished with the book and couldn't agree with your friend Scot more...

Anonymous said...

If I may add a statement:
I think the Gospel includes both "justice for the world" and personal salvation. Justice for the world is not secondary to the Gospel message, in the same way the salvation of the individual is not the Gospel's primary concern?

Mick Porter said...


Thanks for the link - looks like a really useful book.

I've just completed a DVD (gave a copy to MB on the weekend) that is aimed at helping believing communities to work through these kinds of questions.