Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preaching in Brisvegas

Tomorrow I head off to Brisbane, Australia for a quick visit. For those friends and well-wishers in Brisbane (the closest thing to Zion on earth), I'll be preaching at the morning service of Acacia Ridge Presbyterian Church on Sunday the 31st of May.

Strangely enough, last time I was in Brisbane the drought was so bad that I think everyone in the city had been rationed with 2 litres of water a day for drinking, bathing, toileting and had to wash their cars with saliva (slight exaggeration). Well, from recent news reports it sounds as if the drought might be over, but only because Brisbane has morphed into an antipodian Atlantis with much of it six feet underwater. See photos here!


Ben Myers said...

Hope you survive those floods!

Mick Porter said...

Yep, it's pretty wet here.

I'd love to come hear you at Acacia Ridge if I can. Mr Becker's told me a lot about you :)

Michael F. Bird said...

But man I'm wrecked!