Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gregory MacDonald Revealeld

The controversial book, The Evangelical Universalist was written under the pseudonymn "Gregory MacDonald". The question of "who is Gregory MacDonald?" has caused one of the greatest man-hunts in the history of British evangelicalism since someone stole Martin Lloyd Jones' reading glasses (turns out it was Michael Ramsay!). Well, the mystery is over, and Gregory MacDonald is none other than my good friend Robin Parry (read esp. his justification for writing the book and for using the pseudonymn). Well, got to admire his chutzpah in both writing the book and coming out of the clauset! (I have to confess that I thought it was Oliver Crisp so apologies to Olly). I offered my own thoughts about the topic here. I guess I'll now have to read the book. Anyways, Rob and I are down to drive to BNTC late this week and now we certainly have something to talk about during the drive.

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Robin Parry said...

I especially like the fact that you apologize to Oliver for thinking that it was him that wrote the book. Poor Oliver. What a horrid thing to suspect him of! :-) Of course you should apologize. (Just joking)

Good to see you the other day Mike. Hope BNTC was good for you. I had a fab time in 2nd Temple Jewish literature.