Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SAET Fellows

The Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology is looking to enlarge its fellowship and further the cause of (and case for!) Pastor-Theologians. See the details here. On a side note, I think one of the best ways for us to bridge the academic/church divide is to have more doctor's in the church.


Kutz - (Peter Kutuzov) said...

Sounds interesting, haven't looked into these guys before.

By the by, we need more doctor's what?

*questioning look*

Anonymous said...

I take it Gerald Bray is not in the Society?

A choice comment from his editorial in the Churchman [PDF]:

"There is no shame in giving up scholarship, or in resigning a bishopric, when the pressures become too great, but doing a half-baked job in one is bound to lead to the suspicion that one is doing an equally half-baked job in the other, and that the longsuffering recipients of such treatment are ending up with the worst of both worlds."

Preston Sprinkle said...

that's "doctors," Mike. Was that a pun?

Gerald said...


No, we've settled for the lesser known, half-baked Gerald. :-)

Rick Wadholm Jr. said...

For some reason I can't click to the SAET link. It keeps saying there is an issue with it being filtered/restricted access as a "malicious web site". Are there others having a problem with the link or can it be sent directly. I've even tried googling to get access to SAET, but without avail. Thanks.