Friday, August 28, 2009

Jerome's Isaiah Commentary in English??

Does any of our readers know where I can find Jerome's Isaiah Commentary in an English translation? I've found the Latin, but unfortunately my Latin is as good as my Russian. Martin Hengel's lament, in a personal conversation, that seminaries don't require Latin along with Greek and Hebrew is now acutely felt.


mbrankatelli said...

Hey Joel, if its only a small portion I may be able to help with the Latin, I took three years and was pretty great at one time. The only source of English quotes seems to be IVP's "Ancient Christian Commentary". I'm sure you are familiar with the formate. Maybe you can use some of that as a guide to the Latin sections you need to translate.

Aaron said...

I have never searched for that text, but I am resuming fall classes next week, and I will inquire into it. One of my philosophy professors is uber-Roman Catholic, and he may know (though he specializes in Aquinas). Also, I take French classes at a nearby Catholic school since mine doesn't offer it. My French prof is also the Latin prof, and he may know of a quality translation. If not, the brothers there may.
In the mean time, you may have found these, but here's Jerome's Introduction to Isaiah:
This site, generally useful, has the Prologue:
And a comparative, secondary source,
Isaiah: interpreted by early Christian and medieval commentators By Robert Louis Wilken, Angela Russell Christman, Michael J. Hollerich, is on Google Books.

Aaron said...

Sorry it's been awhile. My profs have been less than helpful, but in the event that all else fails, try asking your local reference librarian. They will know if anyone does!

Dr Sergei Kharitonov MD PhD said...

I've read all the posts looking for the same (no luck so far, although Aaron's links will be useful in the future). If these comments are found, please let me know.
My Latin is crassa ignorantia, but may help with Russian. Sergei

AlanB said...

No luck here either. But you can get the portions that apply to the Nazarene (Hebrew version of Matthew) from "The Other Bible" (ed. Willis Barnstone),or from "Gospel Parallels" (Burton & Throckmorton), or even from Edward's "The Hebrew Gospel & the Development of the Synoptic Tradition.