Thursday, August 20, 2009

High Christology in the Fourth Gospel and Revelation?

I've just finished reading A.Y. Collins and J.J. Collins King and Messiah as Son of God, and what blew me over was this concluding quote from A.Y. Collins about the christology of the Gospel of John and Revelation:

"The Gospel and Revelation both present Jesus as pre-existence and as divine in some sense. In the Gospel he is either an emanation of God or God's first creature, namely, the only-begotten god. In Revelation, the evidence suggests that he is God's first creature, namely, the principal angel" (p. 203).

I like some of Adela Collins' stuff, but that is about as convincing as Dick van Dyke's cockney accent in the musical Mary Popins! I think I might tackle this in my post-1 Esdras book on Jesus as Messiah and Lord. On another note, Adela may have given the JW's the best source of apologetic argumentation that they've had for years.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, am not suprised. What a joke...too bad it passes for scholarship.

rameumptom said...

There are several scholars that equate Jesus with the Great Angel, the Messiah, etc. Margaret Barker and April De Conick have both noted Jesus as such, for instance.

There is ample evidence that the early Jews believed Yahweh was the Great Angel/Messiah, and Son of El Elyon. Margaret Barker suggests that early Christians picked up on that belief, equating Jesus with the same pre-existent Messianic figure, Yahweh.

Rather than just smirking at such concepts, wouldn't it be more scholarly to show why you disagree?

Anonymous said...

No, not necessarily...