Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Book Reviewed Unto Death

I don't know if there is a record for the highest number of book reviews done in a month (I can only assume that Tobias Nicklas holds the record), but I must be getting close. Within the last 30 days I've read and reviewed:

Larry Hurtado, The Lord Jesus Christ (ERT).
Jonathan Knight, Jesus: An Historical and Theological Introduction (RTR).
Carl B. Smith, No Longer Jews: The Search for Gnostic Origins (RTR).
Dale C. Allison, Resurrecting Jesus (JETS) - just started!

3.5 down and 3 to go!

At the moment I'd like to wrap my poor tiried brain around a Simpsons comic strip. Instead, I'm going to go refresh it with Jesus Creed.


Jim said...

But that is a comic book! Full of fancy and speculation, just like Chilton's dreadful nonsense.

Ben Myers said...

That's an admirable effort. I'm planning to do four reviews next month, so it's encouraging to know that it's humanly possible!

P J Williams said...

A senior academic I know, who is also reviews editor of a prestigious journal in biblical studies, once told me that he did 30 reviews in 2 days. He said it was alright to review a book you hadn't read, provided you didn't say anything bad about the book.