Monday, January 02, 2006

Messianic Secret in Mark

Jonathan Knight in his recent book on Jesus makes a good point about the messianic secret in the Gospel of Mark (pp. 138-45). Knight writes:

"The secrecy of which Mark speaks is not the secrecy of someone who is replacing one concept of Messiahship with another. It is the secrecy of someone who believes that he possesses heavenly secrets, revealed to him at the baptism and (so Lk. 10.18 suggests) conceivably at other points in his ministry. The secrecy of the Jesus movement, I suggest, is the secrecy of an apocalyptic community. It is founded on the belief that the secrets of the end-time have been revealed to a privileged seer - Jesus himself - and that, in line with the conventions of the apocalyptic tradition, these must be kept preserved within the elect group until the time of their more general disclosure." (p. 142).

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