Monday, January 16, 2006

Chrysostom on Christ and Mercy

I was gazing over at Ben Witherington's website (which is a good source for NT study gems and movie reviews) and found this quote from John Chrysostom, old golden mouth himself:

“Mercy is the highest art and the shield of those who practice it. It is the friend of God, standing always next to him and freely blessing whatever he wishes. It must not be despised by us. For in its purity it grants great liberty to those who respond to it in kind. It must be shown to those who have quarreled with us, as well as to those who have sinned against us, so great is its power. It breaks chains, dispels darkness, extinguishes fire, kills the worm and takes away the gnashing of teeth. By it the gates of heaven open with the greatest of ease. In short mercy is a queen which makes humans like God.”--- Chrysostom (Catena 13)

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Celucien joseph said...

Such a quote! It challenges all of us whose ultimate goal to be "Christ-like" to those around us.