Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Blog: Jason Hood and Gospel of Matthew

It appears that our friend Jason Hood (whom I affectionately call "Jase") now has his own blog. He's been posting comments around the bloggosphere for ages and it's about time he took the plunge and joined us all. Jase is a great guy, fun to be with, loves the Lord, and he even got me some Zero-coke from the US! Ya can't ask for much more than that (even better he has no immediate love for Bultmann as far as I can tell).

Jase is doing his Ph.D with us at HTC on Matthew. He's also into issues about stewardship, finance, poverty etc, all good stuff. You can expect some good reviews and news from him on anything to do with the Gospel of Matthew. What our mate Alan Bandy is to Revelation, I'm sure Jase can be to Matthew - a ninja-guru-jedi master-SAS trooper-fount of all knowledge-expert on Matthean scholarship and studies!

Things I'd like to see him cover include:

1. The meaning and application of the exception clauses on divorce,
2. The meaning of Mt. 5.18,
3. Was there a Matthean community?,
4. The significance of "Syria" in 4.24,
5. Did Luke use Matthew?,
6. What does he think of Alistair Wilson's book on judgement in Matthew (should be interesting since Alistair is his supervisor),
7. Give a summary of Matthew's interpretation of the OT,
8. Did the "M" source really exist or is it just Matthean redaction?
9. Analyse the restoration/exile motif in Matt 1-4.
10. Matthew's relation with Judaism and the Synagogue.
11. Give us some snippets from what he's work on with his PH.D thesis

This should keep him busy for several Buddhist life times!

Bravo mate. Welcome aboard Jase! The site is called Gospel of Matthew: Blogging on the New Testament (especially its first book) and other things.

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J. B. Hood said...

Thanks Mike for the HT and the great words. I was keeping things under wraps for a while to see if I could get the hang of it. It didn't take long for this to catch on, apparently. It's a small biblio-blogging world.

As to your suggested topics for Matthew it's a great list, and I plan on getting to at least some of these. (I have to note in passing that you include "Jude" on your list of interests and haven't yet blogged on it!) And you are correct that the weather forecast for Bultmann on my blog is "slim to none."

For a few quick answers,

8) No.
9) Yes.

Stay tuned.