Thursday, January 12, 2006

Latest JSHJ

The latest issue of Journal for the Study the Historical Jesus 4.1 (2006) is out and includes the following articles:

Paul Foster
"Educating Jesus: The Search for a Plausible Context"

Craig A. Evans
"Assessing Progress in the Third Quest for the Historical Jesus"

Michael F. Bird
"The Criterion of Greek Language and Context: A Response to Stanley E. Porter"

Stanley E. Porter
"The Criterion of Greek Language and its Context: A Further Response"

John S. Kloppenborg
"Holtzmann's Lie of Jesus according to the 'A' Source: Part 1"


Justin Jenkins said...

Wow I wouldn’t mind having an article of mine right next to Craig A. Evans --- Congrats Mike!

James Crossley said...

Is that meant to be Lie or Life in the Kloppenborg article??

Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


I thought we had found the historical Jesus? What gives?


Celucien joseph said...

I like anything you write Michael. I look forward to reading your latest article.

Mes Felicitations!


Ben Myers said...

I agree with Celucien Joseph: I like everything you write too -- I only wish I could manage to write as much!

Michael F. Bird said...

Ben, that's because you're too busy proof reading all of the stuff I send you.

Justin Jenkins said...


Have you read Paul Foster's
"Educating Jesus: The Search for a Plausible Context"??

It looked interesting and I was wondering your thoughts on it.