Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hab. 2.4 in the DSS

Hab. 2.4 (along with Gen. 15.6) was one of Paul's favourite texts upon which to argue for righteousness by faith for Jews and Gentiles (see Rom. 1.17 and Gal. 3.11). There are interesting things happening in various texts of Hab. 2.4 including differences in the MT, Paul and variations in mss of the LXX. Another factor of interest is how Hab. 2.4 is treated in the commentary on Habakkuk in the DSS (1QpHab 8.1-4).

"Interpreted this concerns all those who observe the Law in the House of Judah, whom God will deliver from the House of Judgement because of their faith in the Teacher of Righteousness". (Vermes)

Two things come to mind:

- "Life" here seems to mean deliverance from judgement (from a historical event or from eschatological judgement?)
- "Faith" includes observance of the Law, but also faith/trust/loyalty directed towards the Teacher of Righteousness and his teachings.


Anonymous said...

The word "faith" as it appears in Hab. 2:4 bears the idea of "God's continual faithfullness" to his people (as their Covenant God); despite their unfaithlessness. In other words,I take the term "faith" to mean God's commitment to be the Faithful covenant God to Israel.

Could this be a possible interpretation of the word "faith" in Hab. 2:4?


Justin Jenkins said...

Joseph ,

I've always thought:

"God's commitment to be the Faithful covenant God to Israel."

Was conveyed as checed = lovingkindness.

Genesis 24:12, Exodus 15:13, Isaiah 54:10, etc. etc.