Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Biblical Studies Articles on-line

I got an email from John Sabatino (Austin, TX) about his Christian resources website called Apollos which is well worth looking over. On the NT side it has an assortment of articles on topics diverse as:

Historical Background
Reliability of the NT
Historical Jesus
The Book of Acts
Other Writings of the NT


exegetical fallacy said...

Thanks for this, Mike. Hey, I hear your coming to Aberdeen Thurs? Is this correct? I'd love to be there but I'm still down in Notts for two more weeks. Perhaps you could give us a brief of what your presenting on the blog.

Michael F. Bird said...

Yeah, I'm giving a precis of an article I've got coming out in NTS. Nothing terribly urgent or world shattering.

Rafael Rodriguez said...

Don't know how to contact John, but I thought he'd like to know (for his "Oral Tradition" section) that "T. M. Dericot"'s last name is spelled "Derico". Also, there are some great resources at http://muse.jhu.edu/demo/oral_tradition/.

Anonymous said...

I found some very useful articles on the Gospel of John.