Sunday, May 21, 2006

My New Perspective Article On-line

My thanks to Denny Burke and Criswell Theological Journal for posting on-line my article "When the Dust Finally Settles: Coming to a Post-New Perspective Perspective". (If you go to the page and follow the links to the New Perspective issue my articles come up). I give an asessment of the NPP both pro and con, but the most interesting thing in the article is the footnote where I narrate what happened to me when I once tried to enter a cab by the passenger side front door in L.A.! Don't worry, the cab driver lived!!

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Corn on the Robb said...

That was a wonderfully written article. I have been learning a bit about the NP, and I'll keep your criticisms in mind as I continue my studies. The most confusing aspect has definitely been the merit theology. Hearing Wright say things like "our present justification is based by faith, but our future justification or judgment is based on works" is unsettling at times.

Also, that cab driver story was pretty hilarious.