Friday, May 19, 2006

New Blogs VIII

First there is The New Perspective on Rob who seems to be seriously sick right now the poor chappie! Pray for him!!

There is Jonathan from North Ireland and his blog Accoding to Jonathan and his interests include Monotheism and NT Christology (I can imagine him and Chris Tilling having a fine chat together).

Additional Note:

I've just come across another blog Revelation is Real by Antoninus King Wai Siew (aka Tony Siew) who is a pastor in Malaysia. I'm sure Tony and Alan Bandy will have much to talk about.

Happy blogging!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Mike.

Corn on the Robb said...

Aye, thanks too! I appreciate the plug and the prayers.

Chris Tilling said...

I enjoyed our chat the other day, Mike!

And Jonathan, I'd be interested to hear more about your ideas on NT Christology and monotheism.

Tony Siew said...

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your recent postings. About new blogs, I have just created my own blog 'Revelation is Real' found in

My research is in the book of Revelation (my revised thesis published by T & T Clark, LNTS 283, 2005). My blog caters more for church goers or general public, not scholars in particular as I intend to address issues from a pastoral perspective. Though on occasioss I hope it will be of interest to scholars as well, especially those interested in Revelation and prophecy.

Keep up your good work. Your many postings has been very enlightening indeed.

Tony Siew.