Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Blogs IX

Thanks again to Sean du Toit for bringing to our attention the blog James the Just by James Darlack who is reference librarian at Gordon-Conwell seminary. There are some good posts and resources about James listed here. About time someone focused on the portions of the later NT in relation to blogging! Good to know that you're around James!


1) Am I correct in saying that blogs are beginning more specialized in their content, e.g. early Christianity, book of Revelation, James?

2) Is it possible to make a distinction between biblioblogs (those blogs that focus on biblical studies) and theoloblogs (those blogs that focus on systematic theology)?

Note, the question of a distinction is not made here for the purpose of trying to alienate anyone in the "virtual" world of religious, theological, biblical, or Christian blogging. I'm merely curious as to whether or not it is possible to make such a distinction.


lingamish said...

I think you are right on 1. It is a good trend. People want focused information or a consistent unique viewpoint. There are some folks that people read because of who they are. That's why Ben Witherington can get away with an occasional cat blog. And Tim Challies can show us pictures of his baby. I personally prefer to keep family, profession and avocation separate since people interested in one tend not to be interested in the others.

Regarding 2. I think biblioblog and theoblog are helpful distinctions.

CJW said...

I'm only new to the blogosphere, but would have to disagree with lingamish: I see a tendency for specialists in one field to explore the interface of their particular discipline with others (Scot McKnigt's Jesus Creed is an example). Another tendency is for specialists in different areas or theoreticians and practitioners in a discipline to co-blog. Of course, I welcome these trends, so perhaps both lingamish and I simply take most notice of those blogs that best fit our picture of the ideal blog?